COMPLETED PROJECTS / Construction of Hishkaro River & Duhok Main Sewerage Collector

Client Duhok Governorate Location Duhok / Iraq Start Date 2013 End Date 2015


1 - Hishkaro River Rehabilitation - 8,35km
- River bed is being replaced with concrete open flow channel or stone packing where designed.
- Derivation is going to be made from the original river bed in order to control the flow regime
where designed.
- Storm water & wadi connections manholes to the river.
- Vehicle Ramps for entering to the river bed for cleaning purposes.
- Pedestrian Bridges Over River
2 - Main Sewerage Collector - GRP Pipes
- The collector is going to 27km long which is composed of following sized GRP pipes;
>DN1600 >DN1400 >DN1200 >DN1000 >DN800 >DN700 >DN600 >DN500 >DN400 > DN 300
3 - Maintanance Road Along The River On Each Sides (8,3 km)
4 - Recreation Areas - 19 Parks
5 - Service Roads - 20 km.

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